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Learn about how JCHAI helps our members lead independent lives in the community!
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JCHAI At Home Services

The JCHAI At Home program provides highly skilled social workers to teach independent living to clients who are in their own apartments or living with their families.

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What Our Members Say

  • I live on my own in Bryn Mawr and am a client of the JCHAI at Home program. BeforeI became part of JCHAI, I never did anything special or memorable...Now I have met a lot of new people....I feel intertwined with friendship and closeness, knowing this group who has suddenly changed my outlook on life. I am moving on with my life in a good appropriate way. I even work differently now at my job, because I feel a little more alive, so my feelings towards my work are more focused. JCHAI has really changed my life.
    Jeff, JCHAI Member
  • It’s called Judith Creed Homes for Adult Independence, meaning they teach you how to be independent.
    Eric, JCHAI Member