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JCHAI Transitions July 2017 Calendar

JCHAI Transitions August 2017 Calendar

JCHAI August 2017 Open House Flyer

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    1.  The July Weekend Menu

    2.  The August Weekend Menu

    3.  August 6 Magic Show Trip

    4.  JCHAI Fall 2017 Challah Fundraiser

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JCHAI Transitions:

JCHAI Transitions is a social network for youth 18-30 years with fun, educational weekly programing and a supported drop-in center.  It offers JCHAI members a place to gather, learn new skills and have fun among friends.

Activities include:

      • Social activities such as digital storytelling, dances, birthday and holiday celebrations, art classes, suburban farming, communal cooking & meals, outings, and more!  Look into our Dimensions group for those who are interested in outings in the community, particularly for those with HFASD.

      • JCHAI Transitions Drop-In with games, music & snacks (supervised)

      • Swim (lessons and free swim at a local pool)

      • Fitness & Exercise, indoors & out, nature hikes, workouts

      • Group Counseling:   MAP (my Action Plan) groups are co-led by a professional with an advanced degree.

      • Vocational assessment and assistance finding employment through liaison with employers and on-the-job coaching

      • Travel safety and skills

      • Tech Connections Multimedia Lab with coaching

      • JCHAI Works Volunteer Corps  — JCHAI members volunteer for other organizations

To learn more about Transitions programming, whether it is a good fit for you or someone you know, and to learn the process for joining JCHAI Transitions, please contact Program Director, Candy Wiater, MSW, LCSW: 267.275.6207 or CandyWiater@jchai.org