JCHAI Programs for Young Adults


JCHAI has created a group of programs to make the road to adulthood smooth for those with disabilities.  Our program has several components.

JCHAI Transitions is a social network for youth 18-28 years with fun, educational weekly programing and a supported drop-in center.  It offers JCHAI members a place to gather, learn new skills and have fun among friends.

Activities include:

  • Social activities such as digital storytelling, dances, birthday and holiday celebrations, art classes, suburban farming, communal cooking & meals, outings, and more!
  • JCHAI Cafe/Transitions Drop-In with games, music & snacks (supervised)
  • Swim (lessons and free swim at a local pool)
  • Fitness & Exercise, indoors & out, nature hikes, workouts
  • Group Counseling:   MAP (my Action Plan) groups are co-led by a professional with an advanced degree.
  • Vocational assessment and assistance finding employment through liaison with employers and on-the-job coaching
  • Travel safety and skills
  • Tech Connections Multimedia Lab with coaching
  • Mentoring — JCHAI members pair with a college or graduate student from a local university
  • ECHOS — Everyone Can Help Others — JCHAI members volunteer for other organizations

JCHAI At Home customizes training for members who are living with family and want services to transition to their own living situation.  JCHAI At Home will assist members in finding appropriate living space and learning the skills necessary to live there.  In addition, JCHAI At Home will provide ongoing support once the JCHAI member is living independently.  For more information about JCHAI At Home services, click here.